Denzel Washington Net Worth

Full Name: Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr.

Birthday: December 28, 1954 (62)

Birthplace: Mount Vernon, New York

Parents: Lennis Washington & Denzel Hayes Washington, Sr.

Number of Children: 4

Height: 6’1

Denzel Washington Net Worth: $140 Million

    Denzel Washington Net Worth: $140 million. Denzel Washington was born on December 28, 1954 in Mount Vernon, New York to parents Lennis Washington and Denzel Washington, Sr.

Denzel Washington has made his net worth by acting in both movies and television, as a producer, and a director. He has appeared in over forty movies, including hits like Malcolm X, The Hurricane, Training Day, and Flight.  He has also appeared on numerous television shows, his most notable role was on St. Elswhere. He played Dr. Philip Chandler from 1982 to 1988.

    Denzel Washington has also added producer to his credits.  His producer credits include the movies Safe House and Fences.  He also directed and starred in Fences.

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